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The oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis) is a native to West Africa and was imported into SE Asia in the mid-19th century. Palm fruit develops in dense bunches containing more than a thousand individual fruits similar in size to a small plum. Palm tree produces 2 types of oil. Palm oil (PO) is obtained from the flesh of the fruit and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) is produced by extracting the oil from the internal seed (Kernel). Palm is highly productive crop which is capable of yielding more oil from less land than any other vegetable oil in existence. Palm Oil and derivatives otherwise known as fractions of the oil are used in the manufacture of pre-packaged food, cosmetics, cleaning products, hair care, soaps and personal care items. Palm Wax is used in the manufacture of candles. Palm Oil is also used to manufacture bio fuel and has become what is called the green fuel option for Motor Vehicles. There are a few reasons the food industry uses palm oil. The main reason is that it is the cheapest of vegetable oils. Due to pressure from the large supermarket chains for products to sell at a low price, cooking oil is one of the areas where price cuts can be made to allow for profit margin. Palm oil is also very bland cooking oil so it does not affect the taste of products. Palm oil also increases shelf life of pre-packaged food and finally, palm oil has a very high smoke point so it is perfect for rapid frying. Palm oil is extremely versatile and is used to manufacture many ingredients due to its high fatty acid content which is required to manufacture emulsifiers and surfactants. Eco Commodity Pte Ltd has an excellent business and trading skills and in depth knowledge of the product and has been serving to a host of reputed clients in this sector.