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Palm oil trees are an amazing natural resource. High-yielding and land-efficient, the crop can bring great prosperity to regions when it’s prepared accurately. Regrettably, the rapid increase of palm oil estates is menacing ecologically sensitive areas of tropical rainforest. The rights of groups that depend on those areas for their occupations have been vulnerable. Though we use small amounts of palm oil in many of our products we want to do it the right way. We are committed to protecting forests and biodiversity, minimizing the carbon footprint of our supply chain, and respecting the rights of affected communities and workers in all of our palm oil sourcing. To formalize our commitment to developing a fully sustainable and traceable palm oil supply chain that is free from deforestation and environmental degradation and grown with respect for the rights of local communities and workers we announced a new palm oil sourcing plan that our suppliers are required to abide by. In addition, we committed to tracing all the palm oil we source back to known mills, and to ensuring that our oil suppliers agree to comply with our sourcing charter.